Play Gin-Rummy with other people, chat, compete for the cash prizes, participate Gin-Rummy tournaments in a large Gin-Rummy club online.

Here are the Free Applications for Phones and Tablets to play Gin-Rummy game and tournaments with other players online worldwide. Gin-Rummy Apps for Android phones and tablets and for Apple iPhones and iPads. Run HTML5 game or Install Gin-Rummy for free and start playing from any place.

Gin-Rummy Application for mobiles

Gin Rummy on phone

Gin-Rummy HTML5Play HTML5 Gin-Rummy game online for all mobiles - no installation

All players from beginners to experts can play and improve their Gin-Rummy skills. Please, read Gin-Rummy rules before starting to play if you are a novice player to understand Gin-Rummy game basis. Select the proper app for Android or Apple phones or tablets. Using this Free App you can play both free and money games and tournaments. You will need Internet connection during a game.

To start playing Gin-Rummy

  1. Install application on your phone or tablet (click on the corresponding link below)
  2. Start application by clicking the Gin-Rummy icon App on your phone/tablet screen
  3. After connection with server established, enter your login name and password if you already played here or invent new ones, for the new players
  4. Select a table to play from the list (or create your own table)
  5. As you have 2 players on the table, click start and play gin-rummy
  6. During a game cards moved by touching or dragging

You can play internet Gin-Rummy games and tournaments online with other opponents worldwide for free or for money prizes. Regular Gin Rummy, Gin-Only and Oklahoma Gin games. There are many players online any time on the server and we hold several gin-rummy tournaments each day.