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Featured Games: Backgammon
Backgammon is a game of luck and skill. It is played by two people with 15 checkers each on a board consisting of 24 spaces or points. The checkers are moved according to rolls of the dice. Each player tries to bring his own checkers home and bear them off before his opponent does, hitting and blocking the enemy checkers along the way. You can play money or free games and tournaments.

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Cribbage tournaments online - one day example.

Each day we start new cribbage tournaments almost every hour. Select the appropriate cribbage tournament, join and be online in time in the Tournament Room. Your tournament director describes the cribbage tournament conditions, and starts the tournament. You will see the results of all completed games on the tournament page.

You will see the list of available tournaments on the cribbage page after login - click on selected tournament and then press "Sign Up" button to join it.

Below is an example of one day Cribbage tournaments we have -
1) Date and time of the tourney beginning
2) 121 (or 61) cribbage points to win
3) SE (or DE) Single or Double Elimination
4) 30 SEC MOVES - timing if required non-default settings
5) LADDER - your results will be scored also to Cribbage Ladder
6) Sunshine (or Spicii or somebody else) your tournament director

play cribbage online
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12:00am EST 121 SE, 30 SEC MOVES - 7 TIX w/Sunshine Single elim. 7 Tickets
6:00am EST 121 REG SE 3 TIX w/ Spicii Single elim. 3 Tickets
7:00am EST 121 REG SE 4 TIX w/ Spicii Single elim. 4 Tickets
8:00am EST 121 REG SE 5 TIX w/ Spicii Single elim. 5 Tickets
9:00am EST 61~LOWBALL~SE~ 5 TIX W/MZLILBIT @`-,-`-, Single elim. 5 Tickets
10:00am EST SE 121 PT. LADDER 3 TIX W/DONL Single elim. 3 Tickets
11:00am EST 121REG SE 30SEC MOVES/WAGS 5TIX /ROTTIE Single elim. 5 Tickets
12:00pm EST 121 REG SE 5 TIX w/ Spicii Single elim. 5 Tickets
1:00pm EST DE 121 PT. LADDER 10 TIX W/DONL Dbl elim. 10 Tickets
2:00pm EST Manual Scoring 121 Reg 5 tix 1okaylady Single elim. 5 Tickets
3:00pm EST SE 121 REG - 5 TIX W/PEARLE Single elim. 5 Tickets
4:00pm EST 121REG SE 30SEC MOVES/WAGS 3TIX-ROTTIE Single elim. 3 Tickets
5:00pm EST 5 @ 5, 121 REG SE - 5 TIX w/SUNSHINE Single elim. 5 Tickets
6:00pm EST 121pt/reg/3 tixs. Host: sam85 Single elim. 3 Tickets
7:00pm EST 7 @ 7, 121 SE - 7 TIX w/SUNSHINE Single elim. 7 Tickets
8:00pm EST 121 REG SE 6 TIX w/ Spicii Single elim. 6 Tickets

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