Introducing Mahjong Solitaire to play in browser - for all platforms - desktop, android, apple. HTML5 mahjong solitaire game to play with other players online. You can play the same Mahjong Solitaire game on almost all devices.
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Mahjong solitaire or MahJongg solitaire also known as Shanghai solitaire, single-player mahjong or one-player mahjong, is a solitaire matching game that uses a set of Mahjong tiles. The aim of the game is to clear the layout by pairing up all the tiles. The game is finished when either the layout is empty, or there are no exposed pairs remaining.

Let us introduce the new Mahjong Solitiare HTML5 client to play the same mahjong game online on our servers. Now you can play a browser game on any computer platform, including Windows desktops, Apple devices, such as Apple computers or iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets and also Windows mobile devices. You can play mahjong solitaire game even on your TV if it is connected to Internet. The same login used for all the games.

You play Mahjong Solitiare tile game inside your browser without any additional installation. Only internet connection is required. We plan to add more games on the same HTML5 technology very soon. Try it now and enjoy the game. To mark paired tiles on phones and tablets just touch the required tile on the screen by your finger, on desktops - click a tile by a mouse.

Login, select 'play Mahjong Solitiare online', then choose the appropriate tournament game and play. A player with the best score in Mahjong Solitaire tournament will win this arcade-type tournament. Play for bonus Tickets or for the real-money playing Tickets.

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