Cribbage scoring chart
CombinationExplanationExamplesPlaying ptsHand/Crib pts
FifteenA combination of cards adding up to 15 pips
PairA pair of cards of the same rank
Tree of a kind (Royal pair)Three cards of the same rank (equals 3 pairs)
Four of a kind (Double Royal pair)Four cards of the same rank (equals 6 pairs)
Straight of 3 (Run of three)Three cards of consecutive ranks
Straight of 4 (Run of four)Four cards of consecutive ranks
Straight of 5 (Run of five)Five cards of consecutive ranks
Straight long (Run)More cards of consecutive ranks, 1 pt for each
Flush 4-cardAll cards of the hand/crib are the same suit
Flush 5-cardAll cards of the hand/crib and a starter are the same suit
NobIf Jack in a hand/crib and a starter are the same suit (One For His Nob)
Thirty-oneAdding up to 31 pips in playing
Last Card or GoLast card played below 31
His HeelsJack as a starter card (Two for His Heels) for Dealer
Useful Run combinations scoring
Double Run of three cardsTwo 3-card runs and a Pair
Double Run of four cardsTwo 4-card runs and a Pair
Triple Run of three cardsThree 3-card runs and a Royal pair
Double double Run of three cardsFour 3-card runs and two Pairs

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