Are you ready for the big Prize Pot? Jackpot: $300. Play till Dec 24, 2010
Monthly Klondike Solitaire internet giveaway tournament online. Play Klondike Solitaire and win the the cash prize $300 in JackPot solitaire tournament.

If you play Solitaire for fun, why don't you try it for money? It's a good chance to check your skills and win this big Jackpot! You pay only 1.25 $Tickets to join and have a chance to win $120 for the first place.

Two weeks to join this Klondike solitaire card game tournament and win the cash prize

Entry Fee: $1,25 Tickets
Start date: Nov 25, 2010
Finish date: Dec 24, 2010
This tournamnet lasts one month, you can play as many times as you want.

Last month winners:

1 place cathal from Ireland 120.00 $Tickets
2 place GoBigOne from Australia 60.00 $Tickets
3 place msufan from Michigan, US 45.00 $Tickets
4 place christianado from Canada 27.00 $Tickets
5 place dudeinagoodmood from India 15.00 $Tickets
6 place uncger_2006 from North Carolina, US 12.00 $Tickets
7 place klompica from Alabama, US 9.00 $Tickets
8 place theboop512002 from Canada 6.00 $Tickets
9 place saska66 from Serbia 3.00 $Tickets
10 place thelizmo from Michigan, US 3.00 $Tickets

Join and win real money - 1 $Ticket equals to $1. Every $Ticket player can do it.

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