new features in online gin-rummy - bigger cards (selected according to screen resolution), live video chat with your opponent, many other useful updates to play gin rummy games and tournaments better.
play gin rummy online Games has updated its Gin Rummy - to add more useful features and more functionality to its online Gin-Rummy games.

Big or small card set selection - according to screen resolution, selected automatically, but you can change it by resizing the playing window - gin-rummy table.

Video chat with opponent player - now you can see the live video translation of your opponent and translate your own video from your camera to the opponent player - this option is useful for Gin Rummy tournaments and money games to see your opponent online. To start a video chat press "video chat" button in the right part of the gaming window and wait for opponent confirmation. If you do not have a video camera you can still see your opponent if he/she agrees to translate live video. This option available for players only and during a game.

Sound management - you can switch on and off all the gaming sounds in Gin Rummy by one click on the "sound" icon in the left part of Gin rummy window - this is useful while listening some music during a game.

Many other internal improvemens, including connection to gin servers, gaming options, font and visual modifications

Gin rummy, or gin, is a simple and popular two-player card game of the rummy card game family. provides free or money online gin-rummy games, gin-rummy tournaments, ranking and ladder system for gin-rummy and for other card, board and arcade games.

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