Let's assume the pure offensive playing Gin Rummy and walk from poor to good combination. Offensive play in Gin Rummy means, that we try to build hand to knock as soon as possible - during the minimal number of take-discard steps, keeping all combinations and discarding not melded cards. Pure offensive Gin Rummy play does not mean, that we analyze opponent's hand or discard. So, let's assume Gin Rummy two- and three- card combinations and grade them from poor to good, suppose you have got a hand on the deal with some of below listed combinations:

1) gin-rummy 2 card combination King-Queen of any suit - a poor combination - you have only 1 card Jack to fit. To make it worse it gives 20 points in deadwood.

2) gin-rummy 2 card combination The similar combinations, that have a hole in one suit cards, like Queen-10, Jack-9 or 8-6. Here 8-6 is a slightly better combination gin-rummy 2 card combination , because it consist of central cards (7 is a central card).

3) gin-rummy 2 card combination Ace-3 of one suit - looks like above combinations, but gives only 4 points in gin deadwood, so it is a bit better

4) gin-rummy 2 card combination DJHJ or gin-rummy 2 card combination H8H7 - here two cards fit to complete Gin Rummy meld, a Jack for the first meld and H9 or H6 for the second meld

5) gin-rummy 3 card combination Among three card combinations S7S5S3 needs 2 cards to complete gin-rummy meld

6) gin-rummy 3 card combination HADAH2 can be completed to gin-rummy meld with one of the 3 cards (and one card left for deadwood after that). Note, that only 3 cards fit here because of leftmost Aces position in Gin Rummy. This combination adds only 4 points and looks good, gin-rummy 3 card combination The same as for C9S9S7, but with more deadwood points.

7) gin-rummy 3 card combination Three card combinations, that set "corner", like HJDJD0 - can be completed with one of any 4 cards (with one deadwood card as well)

8) gin-rummy 6 card combination There is a set of several card combinations, that gives a very good opportunity to complete two or even more melds, like H6D6C6H5D5H4, while initially it presents only one gin-rummy meld, but it can be easily improved to 2-meld combination.

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