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Posted by Alex ( on August 27, 2005 at 15:48:12:

Playing $Tickets are equivalent of money to play games or tournaments for cash.
Just as in real land-based tournaments, players pay an entry fee to participate. Entry fees range from 50 cents to $100. A winner collects a prize based on the total tournament prize-pot, comprised of entry fees.
The simplest way to start playing games for $Tickets is a Mini-Tourney. Mini-tourneys are fast-paced 2-player tournaments in the games of skill that you can play in all of the playing rooms.
If you played games, like for example gin-rummy or backgammon for free you can also try to play them for $Tickets - just select playing for $Tickets in Table Creation Dialog and choose your stake for this game.
So entry fees are paid in a form of Tournament $Tickets, that must first be purchased (via Buy $Tickets button).
Each ticket costs $1(USD) plus minimal applicable bank charges and processing fees.
Players with $Tickets in their accounts also enjoy extra benefits: playing rooms for them are never 'full', they have no advertising distractions, they have superior & timely support & they can play in TD-supervised multi-player tournaments.
1 $Ticket = $1 USD.
Players may cash-out their $Tickets at any time (rate: 1 $Ticket = $1 USD) or use them to win instant CA$H prizes in Tournaments and Mini-Tourneys online.
There are no charges for withdrawals or 'conversion' of Tickets in your account back to cash.

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