Cribbage improvments - added show cards options

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Posted by rubl.com ( on July 26, 2006 at 04:20:09:

Cribbage - Play Online - a new game option - show played cards.

Rubl.com introduced a new table option in its Online Cribbage: 'Show played cards'

So that, players may also elect to play at the table that either shows or does not show the played cards in hand. Before this all played cards had been gathered into discard pile and were not visible for players after each 31 points played.

We have got several requests from cribbage players to show all played cards during one hand. There are two schools of thought in face-to-face cribbage regarding whether to show played hands or not. One is that you show the cards and the other is that you do not. In order to reduce an advantage of one person over the other, the cards should be shown. If the cards are not shown, the player with more acute memory has a distinct advantage over the opponent.

By default now, at Rubl.com the played cards-in-hand are shown as smaller cards next to the clock. Own played cards moved a bit vertically toward player's hand. You can see the new screenshots of online cribbage with these small cards on a cribbage page.

Experienced players, however, may want to uncheck the table option "Show played cards" which would give a player with better memory skills an extra advantage. In the lobby view, the table with a non-default option of not showing the played cards-in-hand is marked with 'n'.

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