Spades card game Rules published. Two-player Spades

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Posted by online games ( on May 10, 2007 at 17:53:46:

Learn how To Play Spades: Two-player Spades variation rules published at games.
Spades is a trick-based card game with trumps. The winner must be the first to score 500 points (or 300 - 800 points) accumulated over several deals. Points are scored mainly for tricks taking during the play.
here is no deal in the common meaning in the Two-player Spades game.
At each turn a player has a possibility to choose one card from two consequent cards drawn from the deck in a special way. A player draws the top card, looks at it (not showing to opponent) and decide whether he/she wants to keep it. If a player wants to keep this first card he/she has to you put it in the hand and draw the next card, which he/she looks at and must then discard face down. If a player decides not to keep the first card he/she discards it face down and then draws the next card to put in his/her hand.

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