Games is pleased to offer participants a forum on which to post opinions on a variety of any GAMES RELATED TOPICS. However, we are also responsible for the consideration of all its users. With that in mind, we ask that you follow a few specific, common sense guidelines:

Refrain from prafanity in the subject lines

We do not plan to impose harsh restrictions on the messages that are posted. However, the subject line acts as a headline for your post. Subject lines that use profanity will automatically be assumed off-topic, applied solely for shock value, and subsequently deleted. Don't do a disservice to your opinions!

No personal attacks

Everyone has an opinion and is free to express it. To criticize someone on the basis of doing so is unfair and creates a hostile environment. Please be considerate. If you have opposing views, by all means, express them. Just don't get personal.

Intolerant language is unacceptable

There are many places on the web to voice opinions that are intolerant of race, religion, sexual orientations and such. Should you feel the need to do so, go there. Please do not make the Rubl.Com Games Message Board a hostile place for the participants.

Double posting is not allowed

If you feel your original post is vitally important, it will be read regardless of where it shows up on the board. Double posting just fills the board up with message reruns.

"Spamming" will not be tolerated

Everyone gets enough e-junkmail as it is. Dumping more onto the board doesn't help anyone, it just creates congestion and longer load-times.

We simply want to make this an enjoyable, hopefully informative, experience for all involved. We ask for your cooperation in our efforts.

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